LeaDership summitt

Saturday schedule - July 7, 2018

(Hosted at Will & Doris Serrano’s Home)

•    12:00pm – Session 2: Leadership Meeting (w/Leaders and Members)
•      3:00pm – Session 3: Prayer & Deliverance Ministry Time

Session 2 Topics
Suggested Local Church Discussion Topics
•    “ What is the difference between a church plant vs. conventional church?”
•    “How to serve in a newly planted local church?”
•    “What is the Apostolic New Testament Church Model/Expression?”

Suggested Leadership Discussion Topics
•    “Describe the biblical qualities of an emerging leader (heart/attitude)?”
•    “The importance of effective communication between Pastor and leaders”
•    “Describe some early pitfalls for new leaders?” 
•    “Describe the faithful, available, teachable principle vs. being Gifting/Talented”
•    “Explain difference of Serving from a “posture of joy” vs. “pride/ performance”?
•    “How critical is prayer and devotion as a leader?”

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