[M]Watch—Moravian Watch

It’s more than a watch. It’s a story

Besides serving as the Senior Pastor of City Servants Church, our pastor is the co-founder and National Director of the Moravian Watch ([M] Watch), a global movement of intercessors and watchmen, who through the use of video-conference technology, model out a modern expression of interconnected prayer. This intercessory prayer unites nations, countries, cities and states all across the globe in the watches of the night.

In August 8-12, 2013, leaders from across the nation gathered together in St. Louis to contemplate how we could move forward at a corporate level to maximize the full scope and promise of a new relationships though prayer. At that time, Ekklessia Prayer Communities (EPC) was formed. In this same period of time, Darrian Summerville, our pastor and now the National Director of Moravian Watch, had a series of encounters that significantly defined how our EPC would come to understand it’s new beginning and next long-term mission. While EPC's DNA is contending prayer, its value system is heavily relational. In the story that unfolded, these two notions would soon be fused in a new way. Earlier in the year, before the St. Louis gathering, a luxury Bulova watch had been given to Darrian as a surprise gift. Read more of the amazing Bulova Watch story.



TORCH 2018 |


Where: Gateway House of Prayer -St. Louis, Missouri

Date: August 24-25th

Key Speakers: Lou Engle, Stuart Greaves, Jeff & Tammy Riddering, Dean Briggs and Darrian Summerville.

Special Worship: Corry Robinson

[M] WATCH Trailer